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21 November, 2016
If you have taken over a commercial property and you know that the commercial security systems in place haven't been updated in a handful of years, making changes is necessary to keep the property safe. Not only do you want the property to be safe, but you want

Energy Monitoring


The system you have installed should monitor the energy usage throughout the building, to let you know how much energy usage has increased or decreased throughout the month. The system will tell you what lights or appliances are on, how efficient the appliances are working throughout the space, and you will be able to make adjustments to save yourself money over time. Upgrade to a system with energy monitoring to conserve energy and monitor utility cost.


Smart Phone Controls


If you can't check your commercial property security system from your smart phone, your system is outdated. You should have no problems looking at the current air temperature inside the building, to see if it matches what you have set on the thermostat, and be able to change the temperature if needed.


You can get alerts when someone goes in and out of locked doors, when lights are turned on that are activated by movement and more. The smart phone controls make it easy to be the eyes and ears around the facility when you can't be there in person. You can also have cameras in place to look at what's going on from your phone.


Automation Monitoring


You can monitor how the automation equipment inside the facility is running at all times with an updated commercial security program, and you can look at equipment diagnostics. This allows you to see if the staff is running the machines as needed throughout the day and night if there are three shifts, and to see how efficiently and productively the machines are running.


Running a commercial property and business comes with a lot of responsibilities. If you worry about the things that happen when you aren't personally in the facility or on the plant floor, or if you stress because you can't be sure that security is tight enough, it's time for you to get a new security system in place. You don't know if the old owner that had the property still has access to the system you use, so getting a new system that is updated and secure is the best option.