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Sadie And Oliver
23 October, 2016

If you run a childcare service out of your home there are many regulations you have to follow for the safety of the children, but there are some fire safety precautions you want to take for your own piece of mind. There are some injuries and damages you can avoid when you have a top of the line fire alarm systems installed throughout the house, and systems to defeat the fire. Ask about these choices when you pick out the system for your home.


Fire and Smoke Detection

The alarm system in the house should signal and detect any type of high temperature, smoke or flames that occur when something is overheating or when there is a fire. The earlier the fire detectors go off, the easier it is to get on top of the fire before it spreads through the entire home and becomes a big problem. The detectors should immediately notify you on a smart device, and it the system will put a call through to the authorities to let them know there is a fire.


Overhead Sprinkler System

Have overhead fire sprinkler systems installed at the time the fire alarms are installed. The sprinkler systems will spray water down when the fire detection alarms are triggered, potentially putting out a small fire before it becomes a life threatening problem. This can also keep the fire to a minimum before the fire safety staff and get there from the fire department.


Multiple Fire Extinguishers

The company that installs the fire detectors and sprinkler systems should have a variety of fire extinguisher sizes and storage options for you to store around your home. This way you have access to an extinguisher no matter where you are at in the house, and so you can try to put it out to keep the kids from danger.


Not only do you want your family and the children that you watch to be safe in your home, but you want to protect yourself as much as you can from liability issues. There are a lot of different problems that can arise if there is a fire and someone gets hurt, or if you aren't properly prepared to deal with the fire. When you browse through the fire alarms systems options you can see what will be best for the size of your home, and the type of business you run from out of your home.