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Sadie And Oliver
28 April, 2017

Losing your business from a preventable incident is the worst feeling in the world. So that you never have to face this, a number of commercial security systems are available for your use.

Video Surveillance System

A video monitoring is a must in any professional setting. Not only does it help in security, but also allows you to keep track of your employees’ activities. Studies have shown that security cameras act as a deterrent to any potential crime. Moreover, they may also prevent damages in the form of false claims and lawsuits by presenting video evidence of the incident in question.

Fire Alarm System

Any professional organization must have a fire alarm system installed in order to provide safety for their employees in case of an emergency. Automatic fire suppression systems can douse a flame before it snowballs into a blaze beyond control thus saving both property and lives.

Security Alarm System

Businesses are at always at the risk of burglars and invaders. A competent alarm system does much to deter these criminals and keep your assets safe. Modern security systems can be hooked up to all doors and windows so that even the smallest crack can raise an alarm. 24/7 coverage by security firms also raises the chance of apprehending the perpetrator.

Access Control System

A lot of offices have areas where not every employee is allowed to go. Instead of putting up signs and hoping the employee follows the rules, a centralized system granting various levels of clearance easily separates public areas from private ones. Employee keycards could be embedded with microchips that can tell you which area was accessed by which employee and when. This also helps narrowing down suspects in case of loss of data.

Wireless Sensors

Image credit: EPSRC IRC

Wireless sensors can detect harmful gases, noxious fumes in the atmosphere. In case of a leak, these sensors will immediately raise the alarm. Thus, you can evacuate the building in time and save lives. After all, the safety of your employees is your responsibility.