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06 January, 2018

Commercial security systems are designed to keep your business safe. Understanding the various features will allow you to get the comprehensive system that you need.

1. Sensors 

Various sensors can be installed around your property. These will tell you when windows or doors are opened. If someone opens a door once you have set the alarm, you can be notified in real-time. Additionally, you can find out what door or window and the exact time it occurred. A silent alarm can be sounded to go to the police or you can have an actual alarm sound, which often serves as a crime deterrent.

2. Surveillance Cameras 

Surveillance cameras will allow you to obtain footage of what's going on. You can be able to see what's going on in real-time with CCTVs in your business. You will also be able to store the footage in the cloud or a hard drive so that you can review certain time periods if there is an issue. It will make it easier for you to find out who is on your property. It can also be used to prosecute if needed.

3. Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi signals are important with commercial security systems as it will allow you to know all that's going on as it happens. You can have an app on your phone or another mobile device. From there, you can see what's going on through the camera lenses. It will allow you to see your employees at work and view the premises when there is an alarm going off.

4. Night Vision 

Night vision cameras are great to have as it will allow you to see more footage at night. Particularly when you install cameras on the outside of your building, you want to see who or what may have triggered an alarm. You have a better chance of identifying someone at night when there is night vision because of gaining a clearer picture.

5. High Definition Video

HD video should also be on the cameras because you will have a higher level of clarity. You may be able to get better facial features coming through so that you can ID the person who has trespassed onto your property or broken into a building.

It’s important to get the features that you need. Talking with a security professional will make it easier for you to understand the system that will be best for your business.