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05 September, 2017
There are a few common spaces shared by the security for your home and the commercial security systems. However, there are some notable differences. Since your business is empty all night long, in particular, you must put some provisions that will be used to protect your facilities as well as your inventory while you are not present. Here are a few commercial security tips for your business.

1. Proper Lighting
Whether your business has a security person at night or not, you must ensure you install proper commercial security systems in the form of lighting to decrease the chances of breaking in or increase employee safety. Ensure you commence by leaving the lights on in the business premises to keep the burglars away. This is the best way to ensure those who pass by or the police to note anything fishy going on in your business premise to act as the security system.

For all your business entry points, ensure you add proper lighting. You should also ensure the parking lot is also properly lit. When you do this, employees walking to their cars can see any possible danger with their systems as well as ensure that burglars will have to get through the light to conduct their crimes. If you have installed security cameras, this is also helpful since they will record every activity.

2. Alarm Systems
It is a no-barrier commercial security system to have the alarm system installed in business premises. However, it will not just be effective to protect your business against burglars. In addition to getting instant alerts for any break-in attempt the burglars make, you can also set the system to alert you in the case of smoke, fire, or flooding in your premises. When an employee forgets, intelligent systems can arm themselves. You can also monitor the security of your business using your smartphone.

3. Safes
A safe is a must-have system in your business premise.it can also be tricky to choose the right safe for your business. For instance, some safes can offer you the capability to resist fires. This is one of the best features a business can consider especially when they keep important documents and records as well as money. However, not all the fire safes can be strong enough to resist any attempt to break whenever they are attacked. You need a safe that can be used stand up to both fire and breakage. Moreover, you also need one that has some features of intelligence.

4. Access Control Systems
Doors can also be secured using the traditional locks. However, you will get more advantages and features if you upgrade to the modern locking methods for your door as well as the access control system. In the first place, you can use the unique pins to access a door or a room in your business premise. This means that you cannot have your keys duplicated or stolen by anyone. When an employee leaves the keys, or a key is lost, you can still access the rooms with authority. Robust reporting is another benefit added to this access control systems. You will also keep a log of every time a particular employee accessed the room as well as every time they left the rooms. When you use this facility, you will track attendance as well as a log of whoever accessed the business premises at certain times. If there is an emergency or an accident, the logs will be useful.

In the end, CCTV monitoring is one of the easiest and effective ways of improving business security. It will hugely benefit your business by having a video monitoring company keep an eye on your business.