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Cheyenne Sylvester

What a lovely scarf! To be my next project...and a perfect gift. Which color did you use for it? Thank you!

Sheila Hitzges

I would love to knit this pattern but I don't understand how you have increased and what ssk and sssk is.
I would appreciate some help.

Merryl Rosenthal

Such a beautiful pattern--thank you! Only thing I can't decide is: should I make it for my daughters, or should I make it for myself?!?


Yummy. I am going to start asap on this one for my daughters. Lovely..Thank you. Anner

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It's a beautiful scarf! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I will be adding this to my Ravelry queue!


It's Gorgeous, sending this pattern to mum. She will love it


beautiful...and I have just the perfect yarn for this one...thank you

Madeline Tramarin

What a lovely pattern and scarf, can't wait to get some nice yarn and make them for my adult daughters.


But how to read the answers on comments??
I don't know ssk and sssk too..... /thank you!!!


Wow love it, and gray is my favorite color. My mom is the crafter in our family and she will make it :)

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Jennifer Lang

Hi Mimi,
The decrease row instructions are indeed correct! Good luck with your scarf!


is the sssk in dec2 row correct?
Please respond asap- I can't wait to finish this scarf


I'm just about to cast on, I'm so excited about making this scarf. Thank you for sharing this pattern.


Such a beautiful design... I want to buy it for my gf..


Hello, I am writing to check if you mind that I share a link to your pattern via my craft community website called Ladybug Markets. Of course, I will link to your site, etc



The pattern is just awesome. Thanks for sharing with us

Leona @ http://www.learnhowtogetasixpack.com/

Colleen Carroll

what a beautiful scarf. so elegant. thank you very much for sharing pattern.


Lovely pattern, thanks so much for sharing! I'm just about to cast on :)

Emily Witt

Thank you for the pattern. I am knitting this for my boyfriend's mother but I just realized I made a pretty big mistake. I increased until I got to 47 stitches instead of 65! I have now been doing the

Even R1: sl 1, yo, ssk, k to end.
R2: sl 1, p to end.

for about 10 rows. If I start increasing again to 65 stiches, will that completely mess up the ruffle when I get to it? Do you have any ideas for how to correct or salvage this mistake going forward? (I'm a pretty new knitter--this is only my fourth project.)

Thanks for any guidance you can give!

Terri Pierce-Means

I am new at this and don't understand what the ssk, and the sssk means. If you could help me out with that I would really appreciate it. Thanks, and I hope to get to know you all and use all your wisdom;)

Thank you,
Terri Pierce-Means
Wichita, Ks.


I am knitting the scarf with ruffle and have a question about the pattern. In the Dec R1 it say sssk, is this correct.
At the beginning of the scarf you have us increase on every other row by 1 stitch (ssk) but at the end of the scarf you have us decrease on every other row by 2 stitches (sssk) Is this correct?
Thanks for your help

Sharon Inkpen

Just finished this pattern in dark olive and I love it - this was definitely one of my favorite projects!

Bobbe Marston

Thank you for sharing a beautiful story of family love and resolve
and then ending with such a wonderful knitting pattern. Hurray for
a life's adventure made extraordinary by knitting! And thank you
for the pattern.


Many Thank for this pattern.


I will be casting on as soon as I finish typing this....many thanks for a lovely pattern. Just beautiful and just want I was looking for!

Cindy D

It's lovely!What is the Drops Alpaca yardage?


Saw this today in Felted Tweed - very cozy & looked great. Nice pattern!

Jan Golden

The picture doesn't show very much. Is this a scarf or a shawl? Is there a way to adapt it to a straight scarf with a ruffled edge?


What a wonderful little shawl! Thank you for sharing the pattern.


Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :)


It lovely and it's queued!


That is gorgeous, thanks for sharing your pattern. This is just what I have been wanting..little did I know!?;-)


I love your scarf. This has just become a future Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing the pattern. What color did you use?


Wow, it's so pretty! I love it and I will definately make one for myself. What a beautiful design and good yarn choice! Love the colour too.


It's a beautiful scarf! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I will be adding this to my Ravelry queue!

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